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3 Benefits of Polling Your Audience

By: Tami Munson | 4 November, 2016

Privi offers the instant impact of SMS and MMS messaging so you can interact directly with your audience right on their cell phone. With our multiple plugin options, we allow you to customize, activate and manage mass communications, including surveys! By utilizing our polling plugin, you are engaging with your customers and learning about their expectations quickly and effectively. Read on to learn some of the benefits to using our polling option in your next campaign…

One Keyword

Unlike other text messaging services, you only need to create ONE keyword for your polling campaign. Our plugin will deliver the question and possible answers directly to your audience’s cell phone in multiple choice form. Our back office has a full reporting section to view the results and determine the final outcome of your campaign.

Instant Feedback

Just about 95% of all text messages are opened within ten minutes of receipt. That means a large number of your audience will engage with a text-to-vote campaign and those results are viewable instantly in our back office. We also offer a Live Feed add-on that you can implement during events which can be projected onto a large screen with up-to-the-minute results!

Customer Insight

A polling campaign provides insight into what your customers want as well as their expectations. For example, a retail store may ask their subscribers what holiday deals they are looking for this upcoming season. The store will then learn what it is their customers are wanting and the customers will feel appreciated that their opinions are being heard.

Are you ready to start a text-to-vote campaign? Contact us here and let’s get you started!