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Do You Miss Your Customers? They Miss You Too!

By: goprivi | 25 November, 2015

email vs text

Unfortunately, they’re not getting the message…..Literally!

The days of effective email communication are long gone. Today, most customers don’t see, let alone read your emails that you send. They’re too busy texting…… LIGHTBULB! So, why not try doing something new like mobile marketing? Makes sense, right?

What if there was a way to instantly communicate with your customers in a new way?

What if your customers actually knew there was a special offer for them?

What if your sales increased?

You may think that text message marketing isn’t right for your business, but think again. You’d be able to communicate more effectively and create new revenue opportunities for your brand. So, if you don’t like money then you probably shouldn’t use mobile marketing.

Here’s the facts:

-Text messaging has a 95% open rate vs. email marketing campaigns with around a 20% open rate

-42% of shoppers wish that all promotions were digital

-81% of consumers prefer interacting with brands through SMS rather than an app

Now that you know what you’ve been missing, let’s make the journey together. Privi is ready to help you make the move into the mobile market. Whatever your company or brand does, we can help. We’re here for you!


Be a Hero to Your Clients!

By: goprivi | 25 November, 2015

Be a Super Hero with Mobile Marketing!

Let mobile marketing be your superpower!

Your clients want something new and you’re the industry leader to give it to them. With text marketing, your clients will be able to communicate with customers instantly, faster than the speed of light. Rescue them from sending email messages that never get read and fight off social media algorithms.

Privi is here to battle all of your mobile marketing fears. So, let us be the best weapon in your marketing arsenal. Be your client’s hero and don’t let “not-knowing” be your kryptonite.

Visit us today at www.goprivi.com

The Privi Difference: More Dynamic Campaigns Mean More Customer Engagement

By: goprivi | 2 July, 2015

SMS vs MMS Privi

ACQUIRE: Expand your reach with key strategies to grow your fan and donor databases. Privi’s automated cloud-based platform sets your memberships and global content distribution on auto-pilot.

ENGAGE: Share content such as videos, photos, music and games, specific to your promotional needs. Gain valuable insight by conducting polls, accept donations and excite fans and constituents with privileged content and membership perks.

MONETIZE: Create excitement by offering exclusive promotions, loyalty programs, dynamic coupon campaigns and ticket and merchandise sales, all through text messaging. Funneling customers through one source will create new revenue streams.

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