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Donors Approve

Text-to-donate is a donor favorite!

By: Katie Blakeslee | 16 September, 2016

It’s no surprise that text-to-donate campaigns are on the rise. Whether it’s for a nonprofit or a political candidate, people want to donate via their mobile phones. So why not try text donations? Below are a few great reasons why text-to-donate campaigns are so successful and are continuing to be a favorite to donors and organizations.

  • Donors love it – Did you know that studies show that 85% of donors said their experience with text donating as excellent or good?


  • They’ll donate more – Nearly 85% of donors would like to contribute over $25 through text donations.


  • It’s simple – Most donors already know how to text, which make it fast and convenient for supporters. When asked to respond with reasons why donors gave with their mobile device a large number responded with words like “easy,” “convenient,” and “control.”


  • Reachability is increasing – Mobile number lifespans are lengthening. 75% of donors have had their mobile number for more than five years.


  • It’s a donor favorite – Donors reported they like to contribute online, with live events and mobile donations nearly tied as the second pick.


  • More popular than social media – When respondents were asked how they heard about text donation campaigns, the primary method was “TV or radio” at 67%, with social media being the second most common method, at nearly 28%.


  • Communicate more – Other than donation information, respondents were wanted to receive more information including 17.6% saying they would like to receive information about surveys, 32.8% said information about volunteering and 18.6% said program information.