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Le Meridien Chic Gets Powered by Privi


Le Meridien Chic “Walk the Runway” Red Carpet Fashion Charity Event

Showcasing High Fashion To Raise Awareness for CLARE FOUNDATION

(Santa Monica) — Known for creating a new level of emotionally charged relationships with fans, Privi, a global technology company, was one of the featured sponsors as Le Meridien Chic “Walk the Runway” Red Carpet Charity Fashion Event became “Powered by Privi” on Sunday, November 15, 2015.

Privi brought innovation to the evening’s events with their cutting-edge mobile platform, engaging guests throughout the evening, starting with digital RSVPs to the exclusive Garden Gallery Mixer featuring artists like Richard Schemm and Shanny Brooke hosted by Le Medaillon Champagne.


Artist Shanny Brooke

After heading down the glamorous red carpet, guests enjoyed chic runway fashion overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Le Meridien Delfina Hotel’s gorgeous penthouse ballroom, with powerful opening performances by celebrity choreographer Michael Silas and designs by celebrity fashion stylist Arman Morozov. As always, the show opened with high energy theatrics as Creative Director and founder of Fashion Speaks Joshua Washington brought his signature avant-garde creativity to the runway show opening, fashion show lineup and choreography, with music stylings by the femme fatale duo Two Way.

Opening Performance

Le Meridien Chic “Walk the Runway”


Music stylings by femme fatale duo 2Way @2waymusic 

Hosted by actress Vanessa Martini, “Walk the Runway” Red Carpet Fashion Charity Event featured WantMyLook by Lilly Ghalichi’s newest collection after a super successful New York Fashion Week Event, as well as Andrew Christian, JNG, Maor Apparel, Merlin Castell, CM2K by Cheryl Koo, and Dan Richter.


WantMyLook @wantmylook by Lilly Ghalichi @lillyghalichi

Joshua Washington - FashionSpeaks LA

Host Vanessa Martini, Creative Director Joshua Washington @fashionspeaksla

The show marked a precedence for Le Meridien Delfina with charitable and creative platform Fashion Speaks, as they produced this highly charged event partnered with Privi, ShowStyleBrands, AR Designs, Tier 1 Model Management, and Slater Agency to raise awareness for CLARE Foundation.

Instagram InfluencersPatrick  Starr @PatrickStarrr and Arika Sato @arikasato

GuestsWantMyLook Guests with Jason Bies and Jack Douglas Stewart 

guestsfrom left: Janine Jordan – Founder/Electronic Music Alliance, Michael Kaliski – Good Planet Media, Melissa Curtin – La La Scoop, Jennifer Serdienis – Gypset Bazaar, NuNu Deng – Privi, Sin Jin, Marissa Alix – FLOGG

guestsFilmmaker Kirk Fraser @kirk_fraser and Heith Brown with Amanda Manares @mindastronaut, Privi Senior Director/Partner 

guestsNYC Dragun @nycdragun and Ash Kholm @ash_kholm

About Privi:

Privi believes in empowering the world’s largest global brands and public figures with elite access, reaching your international affinity groups and fan base in a way you’ve never been able. We measure ourselves against our ability to deliver an experience, not just a message. Through an innovative SMS/MMS marketing platform, Privi delivers international, world-class content, redefining industry standard. Create new monetary streams with merchandise and ticket sales, paid subscription channels, and more. Put Privi’s Celebrity Services to work for you, and deliver to your fans an experience unlike any other, creating an emotionally charged relationship with your brand. www.goprivi.com

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PRIVI VS. Social Media – The Marketing Challenge in Numbers

By: goprivi | 25 November, 2015

Privi Celebrity Services

What can Privi do for you that social media can’t? This is a pretty common question in the mobile industry and one that we answer quite frequently. Let’s take a look and see how Privi and social media stack up against each other.

Privi is a powerful marketing tactic that can be used to get your message to your audience’s most personal screen via SMS/MMS delivery. Better yet, with Privi your audience will actually SEE your message. On average, only 20% of those emails you sent to your database are being opened. With Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, roughly 3% of your followers are getting your message and the life span of your tweet is sitting at 18 minutes. Studies show that the open rate of text messages is above 90%. That’s an incredible statistic and clearly shows the value of SMS.

When you look at engagement, the average cell phone user checks their phone 150 times a day! On the other hand, just over half of Facebook’s users login daily. Here’s an even bigger number: 174,000,000. That is how many Americans text daily compared to the 91 million Facebook users in the United States.

Privi’s full suite of services offer you 360 degrees of campaign management. We specialize in creating NEW and exciting monetary streams for you from your fan audience.

Privi Fanclubs
Privi Tickets
Privi Merchandise

Don’t get the wrong idea. Social media is great to build your community and engage in dialogue with your fans, but consider throwing Privi into your mix and your fan engagement jumps immensely. Creating relationships is the name of the game, and Privi is with you every step of the way.

We are here to help you ENHANCE you current methods of communication and marketing, not to replace. Check us out at www.goprivi.com and see what we can do for you.