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By: goprivi | 16 December, 2018

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Text-based Marketing Redefined

Back in the day, when Mitesh Patel was introduced to computers for the first time, he immediately knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Growing up, Patel developed the skills of a very few full stack technology developers by mastering everything from systems administration, networking, security, enterprise systems architecture to data center management and finally contingency planning and scaling. With his passion for entrepreneurship and penchant to enhance his technology skills, Patel laid the cornerstone of Privi—an innovator of SMS/MMS marketing. Governed by a mission to power brands and public figures to reach their global affinity groups in a most personal way, Privi delivers international and world-class content through its software solutions for mobile marketing.

While it’s difficult to manage multiple social media outlets, traditional marketing is expensive and doesn’t provide trackable ROI, businesses struggle in reaching to their relevant audience. This is precisely what Privi intends to change with SMS/MMS. “Privi has essentially unleashed the true power of text to enable brands and public figures reach global affinity groups and fan base, and solve market problems for many multi-billion dollar industries,” says Patel, Chairman and CEO of Privi. The company leverages its proprietary hybrid technology to embed videos, audios, pictures, app-like plug-ins, and credit card processing directly in the body of the text, helping clients generate multiple revenue streams while growing loyalty and brand value.

Privi caters to the entire market spectrum with its two powerful brands for SMS/ MMS marketing—WeText (B2B) and Privi (B2C). The two brands are aimed at generating awareness and driving traffic, long-term customer retention, and increasing sales conversion and customer loyalty. WeText enables businesses of all sizes including skyscrapers, restaurants, and coffee shops to interact directly with customers, members, and organizational networks through their cell phone. It allows clients to customize, activate, and manage mass communications, special offers, surveys, scheduling, tickets, and internal group messaging from a single dashboard. WeText’s recent plug-in for WordPress now provides seamless access to WeText services, directly from any WordPress based website. “Now over 75 Million businesses can text their customers directly from the comfort of their own website. That’s what I call easy!” says Patel. In addition, WeText’s SaaS-based tiered pricing model has displayed an amazing ROI with open rate up to 95 percent, redemption rate 10X higher than any other marketing, and URL click rate of over 36 percent. The solution’s built-in two-way text chat service allows clients to increase customer engagement and loyalty while providing excellent customer service.

While WeText is tailored for businesses, Privi focuses on delivering specialized services for celebrities, public figures, nonprofits, and brands. “Today, brands are crippled with too many social media outlets, limited and fragmented reach to followers,” expresses Patel. While email-based fan clubs and individual celebrity apps have proven its own inefficiencies in reaching global audiences, Privi combines followers from all social media outlets into one central mobile database, delivers messages directly into the palms of the followers, and provides a codified way to boost revenue. Along with providing the same advantages as WeText, Privi possesses an innovative revenue share model where a client gets paid first without the interference of unwanted media, intermediaries or algorithms, thus resulting in a higher margin for the client.

Time and again, Privi has displayed prowess in assisting numerous brands (including United Nations, Lockheed Martin, L’Oreal, BASF, and Tournament of Roses), and celebrities connect with their fans having a reach of over 6 billion cell phones worldwide in over 140 countries. A multiple Grammy nominee rap icon, Kendrick Lamar, leveraged the solution to support a donation drive for the M.I.T. (minorities in technology) STEM program for at-risk youth and those facing unemployment, homelessness, incarceration, and addiction. In partnership with video and virtual reality production house Prost Global, Privi live-streamed the special ceremony featuring Compton Mayor Aja Brown. By texting the four-letter code STEM to 48421, fans received the live video feed free and had the option to pledge a donation. Being able to provide fans with exclusive access to this event, and the opportunity to raise donation for an important cause manifests the prowess of Privi in the marketing realm.

Established as more than just an SMS text service, Privi’s full custom options allow brands to manage multiple campaigns and promotions with transaction enabled messaging while fulfilling their audiences’ demand for authentic and privileged content. “We will continue to be a strategic marketing partner with laser focus on using technology to create emotionally charged relationships that turn into revenue,” concludes Patel.

What To Do When Social Media Doesn’t Perform

By: Tami Munson | 31 March, 2017

We’ve kept a close eye on social media exposure rates and they continue to drop. Now we aren’t claiming to be social media gurus, but we also believe that more than 3% of your Facebook followers should be seeing your posts…don’t you agree? In order for more of your followers to actually see your posts, Facebook wants you to pay for them. After all, Facebook is a business too and they need to make their money somewhere.

Here’s the thing, it can get quite costly to pay for Facebook ads. Depending on how wide of a range you want, you could end up paying over $1 per click! With our text messaging platform, we’ve got you covered. Our business model not only helps your marketing strategy, but can give you an extra revenue stream! 

Now, let’s compare the exposure rate of social media to that of text messages. Almost 95% of text messages are opened within the first 10 minutes of receipt. With that statistic alone, isn’t text messaging a no-brainer?

Businesses should strive to build relationships with each and every customer and text messaging can help you do that. A text message is way more personal than a social media post and can help make all of your subscribers feel like the special VIP that they are.

We want you to recognize the importance of text messaging and want you to have success! Have more questions about our technology? Ask us in the comments section below!

How Millennials Can Help Increase Customer Engagement

By: Tami Munson | 30 January, 2017

Did you know that 84 percent of millennials will act on a digital offer sent to them via text? This is information businesses should act and capitalize on quickly!

According to a study from September 2015, the most popular notifications were, not surprisingly, deals and discounts. Special deals, coupons, sales, customer rewards and new product or release information were the favorite types of messages. Store locations, hours and even in-store product location were other topics millennials wanted to receive notifications on. When asked about reasons for not acting on a notification or opting out of a subscription, responses included too many messages, lack of relevance and poor timing.

Considering that 78 percent of people spend at least 2 hours on their cell phone per day, coming up with an effective and successful text marketing campaign is relevant. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you create your campaign:

Put some thought into your offers sent via text message. Show your subscribers the value of your text campaign to keep them from opting out.

Connect regularly with your subscribers, but don’t be intrusive! We suggest no more than 5 text messages per month and deliver your messages after 9 AM but before 9 PM.

Make your messages fun! Use our MMS capabilities to send pictures and videos to your subscribers.

You can try Privi for FREE and let text messaging work for you!

3 Benefits of Polling Your Audience

By: Tami Munson | 4 November, 2016

Privi offers the instant impact of SMS and MMS messaging so you can interact directly with your audience right on their cell phone. With our multiple plugin options, we allow you to customize, activate and manage mass communications, including surveys! By utilizing our polling plugin, you are engaging with your customers and learning about their expectations quickly and effectively. Read on to learn some of the benefits to using our polling option in your next campaign…

One Keyword

Unlike other text messaging services, you only need to create ONE keyword for your polling campaign. Our plugin will deliver the question and possible answers directly to your audience’s cell phone in multiple choice form. Our back office has a full reporting section to view the results and determine the final outcome of your campaign.

Instant Feedback

Just about 95% of all text messages are opened within ten minutes of receipt. That means a large number of your audience will engage with a text-to-vote campaign and those results are viewable instantly in our back office. We also offer a Live Feed add-on that you can implement during events which can be projected onto a large screen with up-to-the-minute results!

Customer Insight

A polling campaign provides insight into what your customers want as well as their expectations. For example, a retail store may ask their subscribers what holiday deals they are looking for this upcoming season. The store will then learn what it is their customers are wanting and the customers will feel appreciated that their opinions are being heard.

Are you ready to start a text-to-vote campaign? Contact us here and let’s get you started!

Privi to sell tickets for the Bizzy Bone & Children of Bone Thugs N Harmony Australian Tour!

By: Tami Munson | 11 October, 2016


Bizzy Bone has announced his first ever world tour introducing the children of Bone Thugs n Harmony aka Bloodline Harmony. They will be touring with Bizzy Bone in this historical event and Australia will play host to several shows.

Bone Thugs n Harmony have sold over 50 million albums worldwide. After several break ups and re-unions arguably the groups most popular member, Bizzy Bone, will be doing a series of exclusive shows featuring the children of Bone Thugs n Harmony as support act.

Tickets on sale Monday 10th October. More cities TBA in coming weeks.

Here are the official dates:






You can purchase tickets directly here:

Donors Approve

Text-to-donate is a donor favorite!

By: Katie Blakeslee | 16 September, 2016

It’s no surprise that text-to-donate campaigns are on the rise. Whether it’s for a nonprofit or a political candidate, people want to donate via their mobile phones. So why not try text donations? Below are a few great reasons why text-to-donate campaigns are so successful and are continuing to be a favorite to donors and organizations.

  • Donors love it – Did you know that studies show that 85% of donors said their experience with text donating as excellent or good?


  • They’ll donate more – Nearly 85% of donors would like to contribute over $25 through text donations.


  • It’s simple – Most donors already know how to text, which make it fast and convenient for supporters. When asked to respond with reasons why donors gave with their mobile device a large number responded with words like “easy,” “convenient,” and “control.”


  • Reachability is increasing – Mobile number lifespans are lengthening. 75% of donors have had their mobile number for more than five years.


  • It’s a donor favorite – Donors reported they like to contribute online, with live events and mobile donations nearly tied as the second pick.


  • More popular than social media – When respondents were asked how they heard about text donation campaigns, the primary method was “TV or radio” at 67%, with social media being the second most common method, at nearly 28%.


  • Communicate more – Other than donation information, respondents were wanted to receive more information including 17.6% saying they would like to receive information about surveys, 32.8% said information about volunteering and 18.6% said program information.

How To Score a Winning Text Campaign

By: Tami Munson | 1 September, 2016

How To Score a Winning Text Campaign

Mobile marketing trends are making an impact on all brands and industries, so it’s no surprise that athletic teams have begun to catch on. Text marketing for sports has proven to be successful in enhancing communication with fans, catching new interest from other audiences and maintaining engagement even during the off-season.

Professional sports teams have implemented texting in different arrays. NBA teams such as the Phoenix Suns and the Chicago Bulls have both utilized texting campaigns to keep fans updated on scores, stats and other important information on their organizations. The Chicago Fire, a Major League Soccer Team, also utilized texting to engage with fans during their games, offered text-to-win promotions and delivered surveys and polls. All of these teams found success in their texting campaigns and it helped them to understand their audience by discovering what types of content kept their fans engaged. This form of communication can connect fans with their favorite teams and make them feel valuable.

Effective Privi Solutions:

Text-To-Win Promotions

Offer a chance to win tickets or merchandise to any upcoming game. Giveaways can help increase sales as well as find out what promotions work best.

Ticket Sales

While most teams have ticket sales covered, WeText can offer that option as well. Have a special event coming up? Promote, sell and deliver tickets via text!

Live Engagement

Offer chances for fans at games to interact by texting in answers to questions with their chance of winning merchandise or food!

Scores, Stats & Schedules

Deliver up-to-the-minute scores, statistics and schedules so subscribers can keep up with their favorite teams and players. Scores and stats are a big interest for fans and giving them the immediate information they want is important.

Surveys & Polls

Gain feedback and insight from fans by simply asking them what it is they want more of with a simple text.

Privi allows teams and organizations to communicate personally and effectively in one simple manner. Are you ready to join the winning team? Contact us today and let’s get started!

Building The Future Podcast with CEO Mitesh Patel

By: Tami Munson | 5 August, 2016

BTFDid you get a chance to catch our very own CEO on Building The Future? You can listen here!

In this episode…

We talk texting exclusive content, video, audio, conducting contests, selling merchandise, tickets and more.

Born in India, 1977, near where Gandhi was born. Father worked for govt., had a driver, mid to upper class by Indian standards. Both parents intellectual, all offspring did well in school – too easy. At 16, enrolled in tech school concurrently and fell in love with computers – DOS – with Windows 3.1 as OS. Two weeks in to school, hacked into tutor’s account and unlocked all the games for the students which made me popular with the students and upset the turors – graduated with highest possible marks, and high school as well. Started teaching at tech school and worked on a project for the Indian government as the tech school was one of the contractors on the project.

Father had opportunity to take position in US, took it for kids. Challenge was no English, no cultural perspective. Made deal with Uncle who worked for Warner Lambert, who helped/hosted, with agreement to repay for support. The Uncle had invested in a Georgia hotel, was going bankrupt, and he was selected to repair it, clean, and save it. Lost contact with parents after arriving at motel – no ability to make long distance calls, and no transportation – in the middle of nowhere. One day escaped in a rusty old car, became homeless, lived in the car until found a broken down bug infested room to live in. worked at McDonalds. Worked odd jobs, saved money, learned English by reading newspapers and highlighting words he did not know. Saved $11K.

Went back to NJ, stayed with Uncle, shared small room with two loud little cousins. With savings, enrolled in computer education and compressed 4 year program to 1 year, with highest honors. Found job at s/w company in pharma, pure bliss. Knew no one, so learned computers. Vacations were spent buying books and studying programming languages to perfection. Switched to pharma industry to be incharge of a global project, used tuition program by employer for advanced degrees while travelling globally. Challenge was that college used outdated s/w compared to employer’s cutting edge s/w tools. Received advice to learn directly from s/w brands rather than institutions so he studied Oracle, etc. Instead of specializing in one area of IT, learned all areas of IT (programming, database administration, systems administration, server administration, networking, information security, datacenter management…etc)

He started experimenting with cellular text and MMS messages. He could see it would become very popular over time. By end of 2006, he had developed the tech to deliver text and MMS to cell phones in 140 countries. Incorporated and started a company that allowed people to upload content and deliver to cell phones around the world. Also developed iMobile Interactive in 2007. Started looking for a CEO to run his business to be able to focus on technology passion. In the pharma company where he worked, the department head was a logical partner – had telco relationships. Gave him 50% of the company – long story short – the partner was an alcoholic, had personal issues, anger and control problems, and embezzled funds from the company. Battle ensued, pushed him out by end of 2013. At this point, the landscape had changed and First to Market advantage had expired. Realized a new brand was required, thus Privi, as a very special offering for public figures. To launch, need investment funding, which was secured late 2014.

Manny Pacquiao And Privi Launch Global Fan Club

By: Tami Munson | 29 July, 2016


LAS VEGAS, April 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — International boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao announced today he has teamed up with global text marketing service Privi to launch “Team Pacquiao,” a fan club that will serve to support the legendary prizefighter’s charitable foundation. Members will have a chance to experience exclusive highlights during Pacquiao’s training camp prior to his upcoming bout against Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on April 9.

As a member of Team Pacquiao, subscribers around the world will receive a wide range of behind-the-scenes, first-to-know content, including news, video, contests, merchandise, event information and special giveaways, delivered by text to their mobile phone. Those who join will be automatically entered in an introductory giveaway featuring prizes that include t-shirts, a boxing glove signed by the 10-time world champion, and other offerings.

Annual membership in the fan club is $24.99, except in areas of the world that are economically distressed. In designated countries, fans can gain access for a donation of as little as $1. Pacquiao will contribute all proceeds to his philanthropic organization, Emmanuel and Jinkee’s Heart Foundation, as well as other initiatives focused on aiding disaster relief, medical missions and scholarship programs.

“Privi is making it possible for us to provide a terrific service to fans and help people in need at the same time,” said Pacquiao. “It’s exciting to know that no matter where you are in the world, if you have a cell phone, you can subscribe to receive this content and also help support our foundation.”

One of the highest-paid athletes in the world in 2015, Pacquiao was named last year by Forbes Asia as one of its 40 Heroes of Philanthropy.  The Filipino native is also a two-term congressman representing his home province of Sarangani and is currently running for the senate. His wife, Jinkee Jamora-Pacquiao, serves as the province’s vice governor.

Privi, a global mobile communications technology company that enables celebrities, brands and non-profits to communicate directly with their audiences, is launching the fan club in advance of Pacquiao’s upcoming bout with Bradley in order to leverage worldwide attention.  It will be the rubber match between the two fighters. Bradley (33-1-1, 13 knockouts) took a split decision in 2012, and Pacquiao (57-6-2, 38 knockouts) redeemed himself two years later in a unanimous decision.

Fans of Pacquiao are anxiously waiting to see if the bout on April 9 will be the last for the iconic boxer, considered the best pound-for-pound fighter of all time.  With a potential win over Bradley, Pacquiao will weigh whether to retire from boxing and focus on his political and philanthropic endeavors, or consider a possible rematch with Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Manny Pacquiao is one of the most intriguing athletes in the world,” said Mitesh Patel, CEO, Privi Global Services. “This type of exclusive access for fans is exactly what Privi is designed to do, and we’re especially pleased that the Pacquiao foundation will benefit along with the important causes it supports.”

Fans can join Team Pacquiao by opting in at the club’s registration page or by texting pacman to 48421. Outside the U.S. textpacman to +1 6093-CLUB-58 (+1 609-325-8258).

Text-to-Win: Your Next Mobile Campaign

By: Tami Munson | 21 July, 2016


Everyone loves getting something for nothing which is why contests and giveaways are among some of the most powerful ways for businesses and organizations to engage with their audience. Text-to-Win campaigns can help boost your brand’s awareness and give extra incentives to continue building your mobile database. With Privi’s mobile platform, we can help you create a buzz and keep your customers coming back for more!

Text messaging provides one of the highest entry rates of all marketing channels as it’s easy and quick to enter into a contest or giveaway. Not only are text-to-win campaigns fun, they build customer hype and excitement while building your database to engage with and market to in the future.

Benefits to running a giveaway:

  • Boost Brand Awareness – By offering a giveaway campaign, you can grab attention and turn potential customers into returning customers.
  • Generate Brand Loyalty – Fun campaigns can help create relationships with your customers where you can send coupons, messages and other enticing offers that will ensure repeat visits.
  • Build Mobile Database with Detailed Information – With Privi’s mobile platform, we have the ability capture mobile phone numbers, email addresses, zipcodes and even birthdays!
  • Easy to Stay Engaged After Giveaway Has Ended – With the information you now have in your database, you can send exciting offers with the click of a button.

Thinking about starting a text-to-win campaign? Contact us here and let’s get started!