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By: goprivi | 16 December, 2018

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Text-based Marketing Redefined

Back in the day, when Mitesh Patel was introduced to computers for the first time, he immediately knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Growing up, Patel developed the skills of a very few full stack technology developers by mastering everything from systems administration, networking, security, enterprise systems architecture to data center management and finally contingency planning and scaling. With his passion for entrepreneurship and penchant to enhance his technology skills, Patel laid the cornerstone of Privi—an innovator of SMS/MMS marketing. Governed by a mission to power brands and public figures to reach their global affinity groups in a most personal way, Privi delivers international and world-class content through its software solutions for mobile marketing.

While it’s difficult to manage multiple social media outlets, traditional marketing is expensive and doesn’t provide trackable ROI, businesses struggle in reaching to their relevant audience. This is precisely what Privi intends to change with SMS/MMS. “Privi has essentially unleashed the true power of text to enable brands and public figures reach global affinity groups and fan base, and solve market problems for many multi-billion dollar industries,” says Patel, Chairman and CEO of Privi. The company leverages its proprietary hybrid technology to embed videos, audios, pictures, app-like plug-ins, and credit card processing directly in the body of the text, helping clients generate multiple revenue streams while growing loyalty and brand value.

Privi caters to the entire market spectrum with its two powerful brands for SMS/ MMS marketing—WeText (B2B) and Privi (B2C). The two brands are aimed at generating awareness and driving traffic, long-term customer retention, and increasing sales conversion and customer loyalty. WeText enables businesses of all sizes including skyscrapers, restaurants, and coffee shops to interact directly with customers, members, and organizational networks through their cell phone. It allows clients to customize, activate, and manage mass communications, special offers, surveys, scheduling, tickets, and internal group messaging from a single dashboard. WeText’s recent plug-in for WordPress now provides seamless access to WeText services, directly from any WordPress based website. “Now over 75 Million businesses can text their customers directly from the comfort of their own website. That’s what I call easy!” says Patel. In addition, WeText’s SaaS-based tiered pricing model has displayed an amazing ROI with open rate up to 95 percent, redemption rate 10X higher than any other marketing, and URL click rate of over 36 percent. The solution’s built-in two-way text chat service allows clients to increase customer engagement and loyalty while providing excellent customer service.

While WeText is tailored for businesses, Privi focuses on delivering specialized services for celebrities, public figures, nonprofits, and brands. “Today, brands are crippled with too many social media outlets, limited and fragmented reach to followers,” expresses Patel. While email-based fan clubs and individual celebrity apps have proven its own inefficiencies in reaching global audiences, Privi combines followers from all social media outlets into one central mobile database, delivers messages directly into the palms of the followers, and provides a codified way to boost revenue. Along with providing the same advantages as WeText, Privi possesses an innovative revenue share model where a client gets paid first without the interference of unwanted media, intermediaries or algorithms, thus resulting in a higher margin for the client.

Time and again, Privi has displayed prowess in assisting numerous brands (including United Nations, Lockheed Martin, L’Oreal, BASF, and Tournament of Roses), and celebrities connect with their fans having a reach of over 6 billion cell phones worldwide in over 140 countries. A multiple Grammy nominee rap icon, Kendrick Lamar, leveraged the solution to support a donation drive for the M.I.T. (minorities in technology) STEM program for at-risk youth and those facing unemployment, homelessness, incarceration, and addiction. In partnership with video and virtual reality production house Prost Global, Privi live-streamed the special ceremony featuring Compton Mayor Aja Brown. By texting the four-letter code STEM to 48421, fans received the live video feed free and had the option to pledge a donation. Being able to provide fans with exclusive access to this event, and the opportunity to raise donation for an important cause manifests the prowess of Privi in the marketing realm.

Established as more than just an SMS text service, Privi’s full custom options allow brands to manage multiple campaigns and promotions with transaction enabled messaging while fulfilling their audiences’ demand for authentic and privileged content. “We will continue to be a strategic marketing partner with laser focus on using technology to create emotionally charged relationships that turn into revenue,” concludes Patel.

The Deele is Back – Launches Mobile Fan Experience on Privi

By: goprivi | 6 July, 2016

Promo final Picture

The Deele is back, baby. The hit-making, trend-setting, star-launching supergroup, whose funk and R&B hits like “Body Talk,” “Two Occasions” and others served as the soulful soundtrack for the 80s, is reuniting and celebrating the launch of an all-new fan club with a special offer in July, available exclusively from Privi, the global fan engagement service.

“This is an opportunity to introduce our musical legacy to fans around the world, including a whole new generation,” said co-founder and platinum-selling songwriter Dee Bristol. “We have always considered ourselves to be innovators musically, stylistically and technologically, so we’re excited to be teaming up with Privi to do this on a global scale.”

It was The Deele’s show-stopping reunion performance at the BET Honors in March that reopened a chapter of music history. After just 15 hours of rehearsal time over three days, the band discovered their signature sound was as tight as it was when it was featured on the first episode of “Miami Vice” in 1984.

At the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C., with original members Bristol, Carlos Green and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds on vocals, Kevin “Kayo” Roberson on bass, Stanley “Stick” Burk on guitar, Daryl Simmons on percussion and (now Epic Records Chairman & CEO) L.A. Reid on drums, The Deele brought the house down – again. As the standing ovation continued, the lifelong friends from Cincinnati, and one babyfaced singer from Indianapolis, decided that they were indeed the “Deele4Life.”

The Deele VIP Club is featuring a special offer, available from Privi throughout July, prior to introducing a wide range of member benefits, contests and exclusive content in August. This month, with the band currently recording new studio tracks and preparing for select tour appearances, fans can join free and receive a complimentary download of a new, unreleased version of the hit track “Video Villain,” remixed by Grammy-winning producer Jaee Logan and partner Leonard Lawson, by texting the keyword Deele to 48421.

Originally formed in 1981, the band’s name reflects their reputation as “the real deal,” a nod to the group’s exceptional musicianship, vocal abilities, songwriting and studio production talents. In addition to landing their own singles on the Billboard R&B chart and the Hot 100 Top Ten, members of The Deele also wrote and produced hit songs for other chart-topping artists, including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, TLC, Toni Braxton, Bobby Brown, The Whispers, Johnny Gill, Pebbles and others.

Reid and Edmonds, together with the songwriting and instrumental talents of Roberson and Bristol, would go on to create La Face Records and become two of the most successful music producers of all time. With their collective abilities to write, produce and recognize the hit-making elements of popular songs, The Deele had a profound influence on the American funk, dance and R&B sound that continues to this day.

Privi is a mobile Fan Engagement Platform that enables celebrities, brands, non-profits and anyone with a following to communicate directly with their audiences, allowing subscribers around the world to receive exclusive content, including news, video, contests, merchandise, event information and special giveaways, delivered by text to their mobile phone without requiring apps.

“Our team at Privi is honored to be working with such extraordinary talent, including everyone involved with The Deele,” said Mitesh Patel, CEO, Privi. “Fans love nothing more than a peek into the daily lives of their favorite celebrities and performers. With Privi, our celebrity clients can simply flip a switch and turn on their own cell phone-based reality show and instantly connect with fans around the world.”

In August, Deele VIP Club subscribers will have access to behind-the-scenes videos, new music, e-books, free giveaways, contests to win concert tickets and backstage passes – even recording contracts – and help in the development of new songs through interactive surveys. Members will also have the opportunity to provide input regarding the specific offers they would like to receive from the fan club.

“Launching our fan club through Privi is giving us a chance to build a global fan base, and connect with far more people than would ever have been possible before this technology was available,” said Roberson. “I hope everyone will take advantage of the free download and enjoy the remix from Jaee Logan and Leonard Lawson, who we are honored to be working with.”

The Deele will make its first official reunion tour appearance in its hometown of Cincinnati on Sat., July 23 at the Cincinnati Music Fest in Paul Brown Stadium. The show will mark the debut of The Deele’s newest member, the California-born, Ohio-raised singer and songwriter, Oui. Reid and Edmonds will perform at select tour dates as schedules permit.

Privi is Not an App and Why That’s Awesome

By: goprivi | 2 May, 2016


Trio Screen

“So, Privi’s like an app…” These five words I hear often in introductory calls with potential clients.

Most don’t realize that apps are only accessible to about 35% of mobile phones worldwide because apps are internet reliant. But how do you ensure that your video commercial is seen by a non-smart phone carriers, which makes up 65% of the global audience?

By being Powered by Privi.

Privi delivers your content to virtually all phones, utilizing the text feature already built into every phone. With sending capabilities for video, audio, photos and more, Privi makes your message accessible to a global audience.

With celebrities, sports teams and brands creating their own apps to keep their fans engaged, why Privi? The obvious answer is that there is nothing to download, nothing to install – saving development hours and fees. Privi is ready to send your first message to your audience within minutes. According to Principles of Mobile App Design, 25% of users open an app once and never return.

Despite the fact that new apps are created every day, over half of the app users say their expectations in apps have not totally been met. So why not use a feature that everyone knows and loves by introducing text into your marketing arsenal? Let Privi work for you and give your fans an experience like none other.

Try us now! Text GOPRIVI to 48421 or click HERE.